Sleep. Stretch. Deny Doom.

A cat in nature will have an average lifespan of about 2,5 years. A cat as a pet will live to up to 16 years or more. What are their secrets? And why?

SLEEPING is when your nervous system goes into the opposite of Fight or Flight. It goes into Rest and Digest. It is very healthy to be in this state. The more the better. Day time naps for everyone!

I sometimes wonder if sleep is the default state of all living things and that we merely wake up to get these bodies fed, sheltered, emptied and multiplied.

STRETCHING is how you empty the lymph node system in your body. This is the other vessel system in your body. Where the blood vessel system carries nutrients to all your flesh and organs with its heart shaped pump, the lymph node system carries dirt and residues away from all your flesh and organs. It does not have a pump. It gets activated by movement and stretching. Yawning too.

Emptying the lymph nodes is very important for your health. (Saturated fats are needed for its functionality. I thrive on animal fats. Don’t get me started on fats!)

See how often a cat stretches and you get an idea of how often we should do too.

LIVE IN THE NOW. Stress kills. It will bring your system into Fight or Flight again. That means corroding your body from the inside out. Don’t stress about things yet to come. If you cannot avoid them, just deny their existence.


One thought on “Sleep. Stretch. Deny Doom.

  1. very pretty kitty, stress is a big killer of all life, cats for example in the wild have to contend with raw meat, which can carry parasites, disease, then there are predators like coyotes who will kill cats and hawks then there are cars, not ot mention exposure to extremes hot and cold and accidents as well. so cats are better off at home in the house (not roaming around annoying the neighbors people and their dogs sometimes a problem around here)where they are safe and have alot less stress.

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