the importance of cute crockery

Cute little bowls are a necessity for people who are balancing life.

You’ll need various designs, shapes and colours of course. After all, you need to accommodate for the various times of day, the difference in the light of the season, the different moods you have. You need bowls (and tea cups) to echo these. To enhance them.

These bowls, cups and saucers, they need to be small.

Small is nice because it fits the size of your hand. Bowls and cups exist to please the tactile senses as much as the eye you see.

It’s also for functionality: your fist is about the same size as your stomach. You don’t need to eat anything larger than that. In fact, you shouldn’t.
A larger volume will strain your digestion system. Your stomach, pancreas, liver and intestines have a much harder time if dealing with large volumes.

Any volume larger than fist size wíll spike an insuline response, even if it’s only salade. (ask dr. Bernstein). This will result in a craving for more food (because blood sugar rises and than it plummets. Remember that sweet tooth you have after dinner? that’s what I’m talking about.) This craving is incredibly hard to resist, it’s biology after all. If you encounter it there are two options:

  1. have dessert. This will spike your insuline even more. You’ll feel sleepy, with your full stomach. You’ll be content, sleepy and on your way to diabetes and fat gaining.
  2. divert your attention from the craving for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes it will have subsided, this is a fact. This is a difficult option however. You are defying nature. Willpower will not cut it. Divert yourself by going outside, play with the dog, look at houses, go to your workshop, tinker with something.
  3. write SMALL BOWLS on your shopping list. Avoid the craving. Have small portions in lovely bowls or on lovely little plates. Enjoy the moment, enjoy your food.

In daily life I don’t look at my bowls and think about blood sugar or cravings or health. I just look at my bowls and enjoy their variety. I use them with pleasure.

Now guess how many teapots I think a person should have…

japanese teapot by teapot by teapot by nouveau teapot by

at least!


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