chocolate musing

I live in two places: the cabin in the country and the stone house in the city.

When I am in the cabin I always eat chocolate, every day. Dark chocolate, 85% preferably, but I want it every day. Need it?

In the city I seldom eat chocolate, I don’t feel the need. I do have a crystal bowl there with bonbons. I love it, the glass sparkle and the fat cubics of pure chocolate give me a feeling of luxury. I eat one a day, if ever.

Why the discrepancy?

  • chocolate kicks the adrenals a bit. It spikes bloodsugar. It energizes.
  • chocolate contains magnesium, of which I have a shortage (Magnesium relaxes the body. I supplement with magnesium citrate every evening, especially when I’ve eaten lots of dairy product, Which I try not to do since dairy slimes up the system and makes me sneeze and cough more than usual. Besides, dairy contains too much calcium which digestion depletes the body source of calcium and magnesium. It makes the osteoblasts run too fast.¬†Also it chills me. As does rose tea. I’m so weird….)

so do I crave the energy when at the cabin? Where as the city pushes me quite enough on its own?

Or is it just a habit? do I want a quick fix whenever my blood sugar drops a tiny bit and is my body too lazy to convert some glycogen on its own? Or is it just my brain that wants more sugar because then I feel more alive?chocolate shavings

For now, I’ll just note the difference between cabin and city and see what comes next.

ps. almost all brands of chocolate you can buy contain vanille flavouring. It turns out that the cheap flavour messes up my brainchemistry severely. Any ingredient label that lists ‘aroma’, ‘vanille flavor’, ‘vanille essence’ or ‘vanilline’ must be avoided. Also ‘vanille sugar’ in batters and pastry.

the real vanille is no problem and is a luxury to be savoured: ‘vanille’, ‘bourbon vanille’, ‘vanille stokje’. This will only happen with expensive brands (Lindt is one) or good bonbon makers (ask and have them check).


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