my sources

Good books and sources, in no particular order:

  • book by dr. Lee : “what your doctor may not have told youmabout peri-menopause”
  • book by dr. Wilson : “Adrenal Fatigue”
  • book by dr. Bernstein about managing bloodsugar
  • Online enlightening video on manic depressives. Free.
  • Book “Teveel mens, te weinig dier.” In Dutch.
  • book by Dr. Jackson : “Outwitting our Nerves”
  • Blog (mentality towards scientific experiments and results concerning diet)
  • Dr. Kwasniewski, Homo Optimum Diet (just the diet and its results)
  • book by Dr. Selye about cortisol and stress. Book “The stress of life.”
  • book by Victorian Dr.Mitchell : “the book of fat and blood” on But more importantly:”Rest in the Treatment of Nervous Disease”. Here’s the link
  • book on basic human biology. Any decent book will do.
  • book “The Cell, a molecular approach”

books by hussey via


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