the breaks you get

Melon-Loving Girl by bschwehn


Life is not fair. Love is not fair.

Your mommy is not coming to save you.

Your lover is not going to fulfill you.

the sooner you stop expecting these things, the sooner you’ll find a way to happiness.

These are the breaks life does offer:

  1. time passes. No matter how bad you feel, you will feel different in time. In extreme cases just go into survival-mode and focus on surviving just the next half hour. Anybody can live another 30 minutes. It’s do-able.
  2. there are nice people about. You may not be able to connect to their soul, not with words anyhow, but a friendly interaction with them will make you human. Just take it lightly.
  3. somehow pets are friendly. By default, when socialized as a young, a cat or a dog is friendly towards you. This is nothing short of a miracle. How can such an understanding exist between two different species?
  4. sleep will help you. Love your bed.
  5. you can trust your subconscious to run your body for you. No need to busy yourself with bloodpressure, heartbeat, bile or cell membrane activities. Trust and allow your subconscious to do its job. Your thoughts and worries will interfere so: relax. Your body’s tendency is towards health.
  6. … errm…..

One thought on “the breaks you get

  1. These five steps are another reiteration of the perks to life; it’s sometimes the smallest of things that bring us the most joy:)

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