flying instructions

right, I wrote numeral drafts in the past few days, lots of subjects that I want in this blog. However, I cannot find a reasonable format to bring them here. In a way that makes sense. In a way I could justify.

should I first list the settings I’ll work within? introduce myself properly? give a context? identify goal? name general area of interest? break process into intermediate steps? meh.

so…I’ll just start blogging then. And hope something resembling a common thread will emerge.

I’m sure it will, I’m somewhat confined to certain topics, certain subjects my mind is mulling over. So it’s subconsciousness autopilot at the rudder!


insert funny mental image here, of a blindfolded mole backwards on an upside down cow, steering with the udder.

—yeah, I couldn’t find a picture of that on the Goofle either. Surprisingly…—

  1. first thing to do: find out how to use pictures with proper copyright aknowledgement
  2. second thing to do: find out how to liven up these pages. Less words! more …eh… pictograms? arrows? meaningfull pictures?

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