daily rollercoaster

every day I am riding a roller coaster. I have to dampen lots of weird ups and downs my body is throwing at me.

  1. avoid insuline peaks —-> small portions of food, low carbohydrates or exercise immeadeatly
  2. supplement progesterone —-> before it’s needed. Need chrystal bowl.
  3. no stress —–> no ambitions, no more plans for world domination, no phone calls, no stupid people

everything to keep brain chemistry in check.

rollercoaster, copyright by minidan49copyright by minidan49

this is a tiresome way of living. I have some tricks to keep reminding me what’s what, especially when brainfog makes it hard to remember to take actions. But the worst thing is it messes up my idea of who I am. It is so vile that I doubt who I am. LUCKILY whenever I get it right, I suddenly recognize myself and am once again confirmed that it IS a physical phenomenon.

I should make an embroidery: “IT IS PHYSICAL, IT IS NOT YOU”

I should embroider it on my forehead…

ps. I am writing too many words… grrrr


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