waffle logic(stics)

I’ll be visiting my parents next Monday and in stead of cake I’m bringing the waffle iron! Makes sense, right? (this way I get to use a batter and a topping that suits my sensitivities)(and waffles are festive)

today however, I’m thinking about French Toast:

it’s a food going back centuries and it’s strongly connected to the home. Not many restaurants serve it.

some  tidbits:

  •  it’s also called ‘Poor Knights’ (‘Arme Ritter’ in German)
  •  when you make it with wine instead of milk you get Drunken Ladies (‘Betrunkene Jungfrauen’)
  •  in the Netherlands we call them ‘wentelteefjes’ literally meaning ‘twirling little bitches’ where the last two words are less vulgar than its English meaning. Why we compare this food to little dogs I have no idea!
  • Another explanation might be that it is short for ‘wentel-het-even’ meaning ‘flip-it-over-justforalittlewhile’. Which is the baking instruction in short. Because we like life simple.

…………………hungry yet?


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