Marvellous Squirrelbrain

This is a blog to replace the notepads and chocolate cartons I use to order my thoughts.

In the last four years I’ve tackled some complex health issues and solved about one each year. I hope to solve some more. Preferably on the subject of life and less on the subject of health.

You are welcome to read along. Everything here is tailored to me and my preferences however. This is probably the only post that is directly adressed to you, dear reader. You are welcome here, nonetheless.

I’m an engineer squirrel. I collect facts and combine them in a logical fashion, without prejudice (hopefully). This blog will be a playfull way to get my nuts in order.

These are the ones I’ve squirreled away already:

I now have a full understanding how these systems function in my body. That’s why I’m only interested in talking about these subjects on an educated level. If you have not read dr. Wilson, dr. Lee or we probably won’t connect. Talking about it will use too much of my limited amount of daily energy. I have adrenal fatigue and have to make choices.


  • shape: doodles and clouds of associations. (I don’t like reading sheets of text, especially my own)
  • organisation: parallel paths since there are a few separated subjects I like to unravel. (colour code them?)
  • approach: intellectual and philosophical combined with practical implementations.
  • subjects: approach to life, approach to career, my weird body, being female in this world, my hobby (knitting, wool spinning) and what we can learn about life from other mamals
  • absolutely not: pictures of food. Whining. Things that are not interesting in a week or two.


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